Once upon a time...

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Once upon a time...

Post by Diamhasl on Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:04 am

... There was an old, rich couple (we'll call them Mr and Mrs Ó Suileabhain) who lived in an fairly big, old house in Connemara. Being situated on the edge of nowhere as they were, they didn't get many visitors and their loyal butler, Seán, was their only company.

One day, they recieved a letter from Mr Ó Suileabhain's brother, inviting them to a party in Kerry. They were ecstatic to be getting out of the house, so much so thet they gave Seán the rest of the day and that night off. They left early that afternoon to make it there on time.

However, Mrs Ó Suileabhain began to feel ill and, rather than ruin the party, got a train home.

She opened the creaky, old front door and turned on the light, only to find Seán sitting alone in the house.

"Seán, will you come up to the bedroom with me?" she asked.
"Of course, Mrs Ó Suileabhain." he replied.

They made their way up the stairs to the room. Seán held the door open for the old woman and she sat down in an even older armchair.

"Seán, could you take my shoes off for me?" she asked.
"Of course, Mrs Ó Suileabhain." he said, and did as she had asked.

He turned to go, but the old woman had another request.

"Seán, could you take my dress off?" she asked.
"Of course, Mrs Ó Suileabhain." he said, and did as she has asked.

Once more turned to leave, but the old woman spoke again.

"Seán, take my bra off." she said.
Being a good butler, Seán once again did as his employer had asked.

He hurried out the door before the woman could ask for anything else, but as he reached the top af the stairs, he heard her shout after him...

"And Seán, if I EVER catch you wearing my clothes again, you're fired!"


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Re: Once upon a time...

Post by Ash on Sun Apr 12, 2009 11:57 pm

I was wondering where that was going. Razz


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